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Grape snail
Grape snail
Huge African snail ахатина
Huge African snail ахатина
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gallery of photos of snails


As everything began

Hello, my name is Lilia Gureeva.
I got acquainted with snails unexpectedly!
In cheerful student's years in our hostel it was strictly forbidden to contain hamsters, small fishes, and other living creatures … What was my pleasure when the friend presented to me a snail! Only this God's creature was not in a black list of residents of a hostel! Maxims explained that the snail sea and to contain it it is necessary in bank with water, where chips should float, and feed with grapes or tomatoes. In these conditions she fought some days for life, with the last bit of strength clinging to a gauze cover banks. The show was pity, heart was broken off from sympathy. Perhaps sea water is necessary to it?! Anybody from my environment and representation had no about possibility of the maintenance of snails. Then I solved, let better than the seaman will dry up, than will go out! Instead of the unfortunate sea in bank provided it the whole room! The snail showed that overland life is pleasant to it much more. There was my surprise – evolution from natatorial, to sukhopolzayushchy occurred in the face of! The wonderful snail chose to itself a shelf, and every day studied new routes on conquest of open spaces of a room. In campaigns it ate a pasture so, I without effort found it on eaten wall-paper and on a shit in a floret! Then I learned that this charm appears not sea, but a grape snail. Then everything rose on the places! On vacation I took it with myself, in a pocket, and we traveled together. To me always was than to surprise the new interlocutor.
Generally, we began new interesting life! In our small room of a hostel constantly there were guests. Everyone came with an entertainment, in hope that "seaman" will be accepted by their gift, and in reply will show the eyes-chulochki. Such "grape" paradise in my life yet was not!
For some years we saved up so many amusing stories that impressions will suffice on all life.
With me, of course, it was interesting to a snail, but it is necessary to think and of posterity! Unfortunately, all my efforts to find it to pair were unsuccessful. But there was an occasion to go to the Black Sea! By then I already married, and we from the Crimea brought group of grape snails for which «paradise life» began at us, constant love (look at photos) and happiness.
Soon I changed a part a vinogradok for other overland snails – Akhatin. It is very grateful to Anyuta from Novosibirsk for acquaintance to these amusing beings which become at once manual! Now in my terrarium successfully get on Grape and Akhatina!
Except everything, snails are as well as possible entered in my active way of life. I am a designer, I develop and I make wedding and evening female hats. Thus as it is interesting to me, that my clients were an admiration subject not one evening, and were healthy, beautiful every day. It is promoted by successful cooperation with the international Coral Club. In total in a place are exhibitions, communication, trips, travel. If to it to add study at the Moscow Institute of the Industry of the Fashion, time and possibility for the maintenance of living creatures sometimes does not suffice. And snails so are not whimsical that they can be disregarded for few months!

Get to itself a snail

If you became interested in snails and wish to try to get such charm at home, can get snails to addresses located on the following page: Acquisition of snails.

Snails can sing
Snails publish strange sounds. At snails the voice device is arranged by the same principle, as at the person. Therefore they can publish various sounds: хрумкать at food to whistle, hum and other.
Still interesting facts
In the USA the person at whom there live snails-akhatiny is waited by 5 years of prison, and snails immediate destruction.
In more detail here.
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