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Grape snail
Grape snail
Huge African snail ахатина
gallery of photos of snails
gallery of photos of snails
Initial place its dwelling - East Africa, further it slowly moved to Madagascar and the Seychelles. In 1910 it found on the island Sri Lanka and in India, and in 1920 it became known in Malaysia, Indochina, on the island of Taiwan and various Pacific islands.
When number of this snail sharply increased, the local population began to experience considerable difficulties in fight against it. Though precisely it is not proved, it is considered that the Japanese army after the Second World War brought this snail from islands of the Southern part of the Pacific Ocean where it was used in food, on the homeland. Japanese also began to use it in food. It started to raise quite good market prices, and farmers, for the purpose of obtaining the income, began to grow up it artificially. Fortunately, these snails do not live in areas to the north of Ku-Syu island, so, that trees in other regions of Japan were rescued from a full devastation. However in East Africa these snails do not deliver such problems as other snail - гонаксис, being the natural enemy ахатины there lives, and number supporting it low. Also there was a belief that soup from this snail - medicine for tuberculosis therefore it specially delivered to India, Singapore, to California, on many tropical islands earlier. In the USA Akhatina - national disaster. Some snails got somehow to Florida, and all in a year nice taciturn persons so bred that destroyed in staff everything - both crops, and a bark on trees, and even plaster on houses! Into the plaster account not a joke - to build a cockleshell to snails calcium is necessary, and they extracted it, licking facades of houses. Since then all ахатины which get to the USA, fans of these animal - 5 years of prison receive the death penalty, and. Fortunately in Russia ахатины the savage do not survive, and in bondage them not dangerously to hold.
Akhatina - the largest species of land mollusks. The size of a sink reaches 25 cm, and a ramer of a body to 30 see. On the head there are two pairs рожек which serve for touch. On the end of long pair рожек eyes which are funny involved inside рожек are located. The weight of an adult snail-akhatiny can reach several honeycombs grams. Life expectancy ахатин can reach 7-9 years. Breed ахатины all the year round. These snails - hermaphrodites, i.e. do not share on females and males. Any individual can postpone eggs - давайть posterity. Just hatching utitka reach at length 0,5 see and have transparent sinks.
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