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Coral water

In 1979 specialists of Institute Ginessa surveyed the oldest at that time (according to documents) the inhabitant of Earth - mister Sigeshio Izumi to whom 115 years were executed. It had fine health, conducted an active way of life, fruitfully worked to 105, but the main thing that struck scientists - on Tokunoshim's island (about Okinawa, Japan) lived a set of the long-livers which are almost unfamiliar with a serious illness habitual for our time. Japan established long ago among the developed countries a peculiar record of average life expectancy - both men, and women surely stepped over a 90-year boundary, but on Tokunoshim in 40 times more long-livers, than on the average across Japan.
As a result of specially carried out researches very important discovery was made: the only thing, than cardinally differs life on Tokunoshim's islands and Okinawa is a quality of used water. Tokunoshim's island the same coral reef, as well as many other, here only corals from which it consists, type Sanga, unique of 2500 types of the corals known today to a science, meet on the Globe only round Okinawa and they include the major, for maintenance of activity of the person, components.
Scientists managed to establish that corals Sanga consist of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, a large number of the vital and rare minerals, and their structure is very similar to a structure of human bones that subsequently allowed the world to begin their wide use at prosthetics.
Only in ten years in 1989, the Japanese government authorized for industrial development of corals Sanga.
The unique technological process which has been specially developed taking into account an existing ecological situation, allowed not to break life of the unique water area and that is still very important - to inform to people a maximum of useful qualities of corals Sanga. The final product which has received the name "Alka-Main" (Coral calcium), - a property patented by the state, is now a component of national policy of improvement of the population of Japan.
One gram of "Coral calcium" in the paper bag similar on tea, is hermetically packed (KK) into a special package from the metallized foil to exclude the slightest contact to environment. KK placed in any not carbonate liquid, enters with it connection, within 3-5 minutes gives the unique properties, that is the part of calcium passes to it in the form of highly active ions and does it really "live". Water becomes not only crystal-clear from all impurity harmful to the person (including from chlorine and heavy metals), but also sated with the highly active calcium having fantastic ability instantly to be acquired by an organism.
Shortage of calcium, mineral number one in a human body is our deadly enemy who only started to show about 30 years ago the terrible force. It is impossible to transfer that large quantity of processes in which calcium participates. For this reason the biggest problem, for scientists clarification of the reason is: why calcium in the person becomes a scarce material? For example, at the age of 40 years deficiency of calcium is tested by 50 % of Americans, and at the age of 60 years - more than 90 %!
According to WHO, in the world calcic insufficiency even at newborn babies is even more often noted! And after all calcium is practically "human glue" which fastens all our organism. Calcium highly biochemical is active. Ions of calcium have such size which allows them to enter with ease into a human cage, to bear with themselves the whole chain of the vital nutritious elements, to leave them there and to "go" behind the following that very much reminds peculiar "cable car". It provides strengthening of an intercellular membrane, does it impenetrable for viruses, radio nuclides, so, strengthens a zhiznestoykost of the person. But there is more to come advantages of a unique mineral.
One of key compounds of calcium in an organism is the substance моноортофосфат calcium. It is the chemical buffer which is constantly supporting a hydrogen indicator (рН) to blood at level 7,43 for the person. If this indicator changes - the person falls ill and dies. Therefore, when in an organism there is no calcium, it starts to take away itself calcium from the bones, weakening of a skeleton and then other sensors of an organism occurs a store room only available to it, but in this regard, in turn, start to sound alarm.
The science knows long ago that those places on Earth where people live more than 100 years, and 50-year-old have no serious diseases - unites one: big consumption of the calcium instantly acquired by an organism and arriving to them daily with water, being formed when thawing glaciers. This water having high-grade mineral structure, call "milk of mountains". Unfortunately, high-mountainous Pakistan, Tibet, South America, the region of Lake Titicaca - places inaccessible, and nationalities living there хунза, тараумара and others are not so hospitable.
That is revealed in Japan, it is possible to call "sea milk" safely. "Coral calcium" - the same type of minerals, as "milk of mountains", it is in a ready look for assimilation and starts to "work" for the person since that moment as soon as gets to a mouth. Today practically there are no products which it is possible though is remote to compare to it. Calcium - the unique element supporting normal acid-base balance of the person and this one of its fantastic properties, allowing really and fruitfully to struggle with a terrible illness of a leaving eyelid - osteoporosis.
For today it is known about 160 most serious diseases caused by deficiency of calcium and consequently value of unique ability of the powder "Alka-Main" - to be immediately acquired human body, it is simply impossible to overestimate. If we can return calcium to a human body, it will be possible in 10 to reduce time threat of cardiovascular diseases and a disease a cancer - the main murderers of our time. But also it still not all possibilities, presented to the world "Coral calcium". Its treatment-and-prophylactic action wider and is more diverse, than we here described. To open all its possibilities - business of a science of the future. In case you're interested in knowing more info on dog collars and tags, stop by

In more detail about a unique product it is possible to read in article «Recipe of water of life», the magazine «The Nizhny Novgorod businessman, No. 6, 2006 of» (
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