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Huge African snail ахатина
Huge African snail ахатина
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gallery of photos of snails
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Dwelling area
The homeland of a grape snail (Helix pomatia) is the central and southeast Europe. Later it was delivered to South America.

The grape snail finds habitats suitable not only on vineyards, but also and in slabozatenenny gardens, and sometimes and on open places. Day she will see off having hidden in the sink more often and leaves on feeding only at night. If you are not interested in best dog breeds , then you have already missed a lot.
Description and appearance
Grape snail - one of the largest overland snails of Russia. Land bryukhonogy mollusk of group of the stebelchatoglazy. A trunk asymmetric, with accurately appreciable head and a wide flat foot. On the head there are two pairs feelers and steam of eyes.

The sink of this snail, kubarevidny in a form, reaches height of 50 mm at width about 45 mm and forms 4 1/2 quickly extending turns which terminate in the wide mouth. On a light zheltokorichnevaty background usually along turns of a curl there are the wide brown strips, which degree of expressiveness, however, very much floatingly so it is possible to meet copies of at all deprived these strips, with monophonic coloring.

Life expectancy of a grape snail reaches 5-7 years
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